Fraternal Excellence Awards

The Fraternal Excellence Awards recognize exceptional service and outstanding achievements, exemplifying the Promise & Values of Alpha Gamma Rho. Individual and chapter award recipients display the highest levels of leadership, scholarship, citizenship, philanthropy, and service. Individuals and chapters are encouraged to apply and nominate others.


Chapters in Good Standing are eligible for awards. Read the Statement on Good Standing and confirm eligibility prior to submitting applications for Fraternal Excellence Awards. A collegiate member must nominate their Housemother/House Director for Marie Coe Memorial Housemother/House Director Awards.


Alumni & Adviser Awards

Committed Alumni Corporation Award

The Committed Alumni Corporation Award recognizes Chapter Alumni Corporations that demonstrated hard work and continued success for its chapter’s collegiate membership.

Outstanding Adviser Award

The Outstanding Adviser Award is given to the top three Chapter Advisers who are committed to engaging all brothers in professional development and lifelong success through the Promise & Values.

Chapter Awards

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award is given to the top three chapters that have shown campus leadership in academics and have successfully established a strong academic program for their chapter.

Chapter Crescents, Single Issue Award

The Chapter Crescent, Single Issue Award celebrates the top three chapters that publish the best Crescent, which highlights the work and accomplishments of alumni and collegiate members.

Chapter Crescents, Feature Story Award

The Chapter Crescent, Feature Story Award is given to the top three chapters that publish the best Crescent feature story, showcasing, but not limited to, making a difference on campus/in the community, alumni accomplishments, chapter philanthropic events, etc.

Communications​ Award

The Communications Award looks to recognize chapters that use multiple means of electronic communication to engage various age groups on what the chapter strives to achieve, and involvement with both campus and community.

Continued Alumni Engagement Award

The Continued Alumni Engagement Relations award is given to the top three chapters that continually foster strong alumni involvement and leadership throughout the year.

Lifelong Membership Development Award

The Lifelong Membership Development Award is given to the top three chapters that have implemented a program which encompasses continuous education and lifelong personal development in not only their new members, but also successful re-engagement of alumni.

Living the Promise & Values Award

The Living the Promise & Values Award is given to the top three chapters that enthusiastically embrace and uphold the Promise & Values, in turn continually presenting a positive image of Alpha Gamma Rho.

Outstanding Community Service & Philanthropic Efforts Award

The Outstanding Community Service & Philanthropic Efforts Award Fraternity recognizes chapters that participate in their communities, serving through volunteerism and philanthropic efforts.

Recruitment Excellence Award

The Recruitment Excellence Award goes to the top three chapters that have implemented an effective, year-round recruitment program.

Marie Coe Memorial Housemother/House Director Awards

Housemother/House Director Social & Cultural Development Award

The Housemother/House Director Social & Cultural Development Award recognizes Housemothers/House Directors who have developed and implemented programs and initiatives to improve the social development or cultural awareness of brothers at their chapter. 

Housemother/House Director Management Award

The Housemother/House Director Management Award is given to the top three Housemothers/House Directors who consistently demonstrate superior management of the chapter facilities and the chapter.

Individual Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate of the Year Award

The Outstanding Undergraduate of the Year Award recognizes collegiate members who excel in their college career both on campus and within the Fraternity.

How to Apply

Find the applications for all Fraternal Excellence Awards linked below. Click on the link to access the online application.


If you have questions regarding the Fraternal Excellence Awards, contact:

Ben Willoughby
Educational Programs Coordinator
[email protected]
Office 816.891.9200 x119
Cell 859.743.1540

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