Alpha Gamma Rho is the National Fraternity To Make Better Men, providing superior lifelong personal development and professional success to each and every brother since 1904. As the proven training ground of leaders in agricultural sciences, natural resources, and similar fields, its legacy of excellence comes from a long line of the very best these industries have to offer.

I want her men to be leaders of the future, not because they are my Fraternity brothers, but because I believe them to be the strongest of character and the most honorable and resolute of the times.

Stephen K. Bjoronson,
Epsilon (North Dakota State), Grand President 1927–30

   Honesty, fairness, hard work, and helping each other are all markers of brotherhood the founders of Alpha Gamma Rho believed in, and qualities the Fraternity looks for in recruits. Click below to learn more about AGR and its like-minded brothers with shared values, classes, and career goals.


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