Brotherhood & Pillars

   The Brotherhood Program is designed to provide each and every Alpha Gamma Rho brother the resources and experiences needed to achieve superior lifelong personal development and professional success, through innovative educational, leadership, and social opportunities.


   National Leaders created the Brotherhood Program with the belief every brother is an equal contributor based on his ability and experience. To that end, there is no pledge period. Instead, chapters initiate new members within 72 hours of offering membership. New initiates are full members and connected with their Big Brother, an experienced member of the chapter, from that point forward. An individualized curriculum guides brothers through the fraternity and college life cycle in an environment uniquely enhanced by the chapters and maintained by the parameters.


  • No more pledging.
  • If required of a freshman, it must be required of a senior.
  • No dominant/subservient relationships.
  • Rewards must be based on objective criteria and must not encourage class division.

   The chapter culture grown within parameters set by the Brotherhood Program surrounds members with influences that foster the highest values, cultivating lifelong connections and opportunities for transformational growth. Fraternal bonds strengthen the local chapter experience, as Little Brothers and Big Brothers drive one another towards excellence in scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and workmanship.


Recruit  •  Commit  •  Educate  •  Recognize

     The Four Pillars, built upon a firm foundation, support and maintain the integrity of this brotherhood. Each pillar, a cornerstone for success, an established principle all members of Alpha Gamma Rho pledge to live by through the Covenant.

    Every member is required to sign the Covenant, available here, upon initiation. 

Drawing of the Four Pillars of Alpha Gamma Rho


   The adoption of the Brotherhood Program was a defining moment for Alpha Gamma Rho, and a historic moment for Greek Life. Because of this program, Alpha Gamma Rho is the first fraternity to end pledging nationwide. It changed the philosophy on fraternity and ushered in an era of growth unlike any AGR had experienced before. In 1992, Alpha Gamma Rho did more than eliminate pledging; it redefined the fraternity experience.

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