Hall of Fame

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Hall of Fame is to honor those Alpha Gamma Rho Brothers who have made outstanding contributions to the Fraternity, steadfast service in their professional work or exceptional service to mankind. 

Bill Boehm
Bill Boehm

Bill Boehm

William (Bill) Boehm, retired Senior Vice President and Officer of The Kroger Co., has been a dedicated brother to our Fraternity and true leader in the Agriculture industry for most of his life. Boehm was born in 1947 and grew up on a small dairy farm in central Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls with honors in 1970. He received his M.S. (1972) and his PhD (1974) from Purdue University majoring in Agricultural Economics. While in college, Boehm was initiated into Alpha Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho in 1968 and served as Noble Ruler in 1969-70. He has served AGR in a number of capacities including a six-year term on the National Board and as Grand President from 2000-2002. He was elected to the Board of the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho in 2008. In 2009, Boehm was also named to the Foundation Board at UW-River Falls and led the University’s capital campaign. Since his retirement, Boehm has become a valued consultant to the food and agricultural industry and has served on corporate boards including: Neogen, GLK Foods, and FLM Harvest. He recently concluded a 6-year term on the Board of Greatwide/Cardinal Logistics - a $1 billion privately held transportation and Logistics Company. Boehm has been recognized for his contributions to his profession and community. In 1999, he received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Purdue’s College of Agriculture. While working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, he received the Superior Service Award. In 2004, AGR recognized Boehm as a “Brother of the Century”. He was named Outstanding Alumni by UW–River Falls in 2006 and received the Honorary Doctor of Agriculture degree from Purdue in 2007

Jim Driscoll
Jim Driscoll

James Driscoll

James (Jim) Driscoll, retired after nearly 30 years of service, from the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Currently, he works part-time with an economic consulting firm. Driscoll graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics at Montana State University in 1964. He received his M.S. (1966) and his PhD (1969) from Oklahoma State University majoring in Agricultural Economics. While with the USDA, he received multiple awards and commendations for his service. He has been the “go-to guy” among USDA personnel and congressional agricultural staff. His expertise was widely recognized, and he frequently traveled to Washington, DC to provide technical advice and counsel during the process of establishing USDA Agricultural Policy. Driscoll was initiated into Alpha Delta Chapter in 1960 and has served the fraternity for many years. He served as Alumni Board Director for Alpha Delta Chapter and served as their Annual Appeals Chairman for 19 years. Brother Driscoll has also served the National Fraternity as the Treasurer of the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho for 26 years. His lifelong dedication to the Fraternity and outstanding service to the agriculture industry have qualified his recognition for the Alpha Gamma Rho Hall of Fame.

​Phil Josephson
​Phil Josephson

​Phil Josephson

Phil Josephson’s life has been devoted to his community and Alpha Gamma Rho. Starting on staff in 1972, he has selflessly served the fraternity for over 45 years. The Minnesota farm boy attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics. He was initiated into Alpha Psi Chapter in 1969 and served as assistant treasurer, Rush Chair, and Noble Ruler during his undergraduate years. In 1972, Josephson joined AGR’s staff as Assistant Executive Secretary. Three years later, he was appointed to Executive Director, a role he held for over 40 years. In November 2016, he was appointed to Chief Executive Officer and announced his retirement one-year out. Throughout over 45-years of his leadership, Josephson led AGR in the adoption of the Brotherhood Program, which eliminated pledging for the Fraternity in 1992. While serving as President and Director, he has made outstanding contributions to the Fraternity Executives Association. He served as a delegate and advisor on the Board for North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and the American Society of Association Executives and was designated as a Certified Association Executive. Josephson has served many other organizations including the Fraternity Communication Association, National Agri-Marketing Association, National FFA Alumni Association, and more. Over the years, Josephson has been recognized for his service to his local community as well as the fraternal community. He was named Rotarian of the Year in 1992 and 1996. For his service to NIC, he received the Laurel Wreath Award, Distinguished Service Award and Gold Medal. In 2017, he received a Distinguished Service Award from the Fraternity Executives Association. Josephson has devoted his life to advocating the promise and values of Alpha Gamma Rho. 

Past Hall of Fame Inductees

  1. Sleeter Bull, Ohio State
  2. Maynard H. Coe, Minnesota
  3. Earl L. Butz, Purdue

  4. J. Holmes Martin, Kentucky
  5. J. Clyde Driggers, Florida
  6. Nathan L. Rice, Illinois

  7. Frank E. Mullen, Iowa State
  8. David C. Pfendler, Purdue
  9. Paul K. Bresee, Illinois

  10. Emil M. Mrak, California
  11. W. Elmo Baumann, Oklahoma State
  12. Harold R. McCulloch, Pennsylvania State

  13. E. T. York, Auburn
  14. Clifford Hardin, Purdue

  15. A. B. Hamilton, Maryland
  16. A. B. Sawyer, Illinois
  17. Don Paarlberg, Purdue

  18. Russ Mawby, Michigan State
  19. Harold White, Georgia
  20. Vern Freeman, Purdue
  21. Jerry Litton, Missouri

  22. Wallace Jerome, Lambda
  23. William B. Sayre, Iowa State
  24. Orville Redenbacher, Purdue

  25. Lindley Finch, Iowa State
  26. True Morse, Missouri
  27. Lee Morgan, Illinois
  28. Ovid Bay, Missouri

  29. Doyle Conner, Florida
  30. Ed Lidvall, Iowa State

  31. L. Gene Lemon, Illinois
  32. Herbert Plambeck, Iowa State

  33. Dean C. DeCarli, California-Davis
  34. Roland C. Ferguson, Iowa State
  35. Milton G. Soper, Cornell

  36. John D. Fuqua, Flordia
  37. Loren K. Robinson, Western Illinois
  38. Ivan K. Strickler, Kansas State

  39. Dale Bruhn, Wisconsin-Madison
  40. Karl E. Gardner, Purdue
  41. Ted A. Priebe, Purdue

  42. Warren D. Nichols-Kansas State
  43. L.S. "Bill" Pope-Michigan State
  44. Thomas M. Sutherland-Colorado State
  45. Charles L. Thompson-Oklahoma State

  46. Zane Akins, Missouri
  47. Bobby N. Duck, Tennessee Martin
  48. Robert L. Oehrtman, Ohio State
  49. Gerald C. Puppe, North Dakota State

  50. Gene L. Swackhamer, Purdue
  51. Marvin J. Walter, Iowa State
  52. J. Brent Hurd, Tennesse-Knoxville

53. R. Kirby Barrick, Ohio State
54. Jack Brown, North Dakota State
55. Allan R. Johnson, North Dakota State
56. Paul S. Weller, Jr., Maryland

57. James C. Borel, Iowa State
58. Doyle Jacklin, Washington State
59. Charles Napier, Missouri

60. Keith Bjerke, North Dakota State
61. Ole Meland, Cal Poly
62. David Van Wert, Iowa State

63. Erwin Clark, Vermont
64. Hale Moss, Tennessee-Knoxville
65. Loren Kruse, Kansas State
66. Thad Kuhfuss, Illinois

67. Bill Boehm, Wisconsin- River Falls
68. Jim Driscoll, Montana State
69. Phil Josephson, Wisconsin- River Falls

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