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Alpha Gamma Rho urges excellence from undergraduate brothers and provides encouragement and recognition for intellectual attainment in addition to rewards given by the college. The fraternity considers good scholastic standing a key measure of its members' success and sense of purpose in college.

Educational Foundation Scholarships and Internships

AGR is offering scholarships to the undergraduate Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho. Criteria for eligibility for each scholarship differs, but is based on the individual's pursuit of excellence in scholarship and leadership, and for his contributions to community and fraternity. The deadline for all Scholarship Applications is April 30. The following scholarships can be applied for by downloading and filling out the attached form titled, "National Scholarship Application" and emailing it to [email protected].

Click Here to Download a Scholarship Application Form 


All undergraduates are eligible to apply.

·  Undergraduate Achievement $1,000 Award: Two scholarships are presented to outstanding undergraduates that excel in all areas of involvement.

·  Ornamental Horticulture $500 Scholarship: George Staby has provided for one scholarship limited to current AGR undergraduates who are enrolled with a declared horticulture-related major in; among others, entomology, environmental horticulture, horticulture, landscape gardening, landscape horticulture, ornamental horticulture, pest control, plant breeding, plant pathology, plant science (with horticulture emphasis), pomology, and/or vegetable crops; who have completed at least three courses in the department of their declared major, supply a current transcript and send an essay. Financial need will not be a determinant in the selection process.

·  Dale Runnion $250 Scholarship: A scholarship will be presented to a current AGR undergraduate who plans to complete a college course to pursue a career in agrimarketing, journalism, advertising or public relations. This is not an academic scholarship. Financial needs will not be a determinant in the selection process. The completion or plans to complete a course in livestock judging or evaluation, campus and/or community leadership and active participation in journalistic activities will receive strong consideration. One $250 scholarship will be awarded.

·  Dairy $500 Scholarship: Ole Meland has provided a scholarship to be presented annually to one AGR undergraduate who achieves high levels of excellence and is pursuing a major in, among others, dairy science, dairy husbandry, or animal science with a dairy option or emphasis. An undergraduate candidate at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo will be given preference.

·  Gene Swackhamer/Ag Economics/Ag Business $1,000 Scholarship: A scholarship of approximately will be presented annually to one AGR undergraduate who achieves high levels of excellence and is pursuing a major in agricultural economics, agribusiness, resource management or closely related field of study.

·  Lindley Finch Memorial $1,000 Scholarship: The Foundation will grant one scholarship to an undergraduate who truly has financial need and exhibits leadership and citizenship traits like those of Lindley Finch, including endeavor, resourcefulness, aggressive effort, and a balanced lifestyle. First preference will be given to students of Eta Chapter, Iowa State University.

·  Kirby Barrick Agricultural Education $500 Scholarship: This fund provides one   scholarship to a male student who plans to study Agricultural Education at a college with an AGR chapter with the intent to teach after graduation. Payment of the scholarship is made once the student enrolls in Agricultural Education and is initiated into the local AGR chapter.   

·  Robert L. Oehrtman $1,000 Scholarship: The recipient must be enrolled as a full time student at their university and current brother of AGR, who has held leadership positions in their community, academics or religious affiliations. Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 or better. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded.   

·  Harold Olson $500 Scholarship: Alpha Gamma Rho undergraduate who has achieved high levels of excellence in scholarship, leadership, citizenship, brotherhood, activities and service. One $500 scholarship will be awarded.

·  J. Wayne Rehn $1,000 Scholarship: Sophomore or junior member of Alpha Gamma Rho, with preference given to Alpha Chapter members, who is majoring in pre-veterinary medicine or in animal science, living in the Fraternity house, and agrees to return to college for his ensuing year, live in the chapter house and continue to pursue his major with a high GPA. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded.

·  Bill Sallee $500 Scholarship: Alpha Gamma Rho Pi chapter members who truly have the financial need and exhibit leadership and citizenship traits like Bill Sallee including individual endeavor, resourcefulness, aggressive effort and a balanced lifestyle. One $500 scholarship will be awarded.

CLICK HERE to Download the Scholarship Application Form


The award shall be for a junior (third) year student who is a brother in Alpha Gamma Rho, living in the Fraternity house and studying and preparing for a career in or related to agriculture, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, interest and ability in college, university and/or community extra-curricular activities, and whose selection for an award will reward him for his efforts and encourage other members to be more active in the organizations and affairs of the community and to develop skills and abilities beyond those gained in the classroom.  Determination of the award recipient shall occur in late April or early May of each year commencing in 2006, and the award shall be presented to the student selected early in the fall of his senior year at an appropriate time and manner. Up to $4,000 in scholarships will be awarded. 


·      Ted A. Priebe Excellence in Agricultural Marketing Communications Scholarship: Two $1,500 scholarships will be awarded annually. One scholarship is designated for an Alpha Gamma Rho member and the second scholarship is designated for a female who is a member of Sigma Alpha Sorority, Agriculture Future of America (AFA), National Agricultural Communications of Tomorrow (ACT) or collegiate NAMA.

Application Deadline is October 31st.

**Additionally, FLM Harvest, shall offer under no obligation to the scholarship recipients, a paid internship upon selection.
Those who apply for the Teb A. Priebe Excellence in Agricultural Marketing Communications Scholarship need to meet the following criteria:

  • Desire to pursue a career in agricultural marketing communications.
  • Is a sophomore or junior at their college or university
  • Has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or at least a "B" average
  • Demonstrates leadership and is successfully involved in student activities and clubs.



·      Agricultural and Rural Policy Internship: Allan Johnson and Sara Wyant established this fund with the intent to annually award $5,000 for housing stipend and offer an internship opportunity in Washington, D.C. Candidates must have the following criteria:

  • Be a Sophomore or Junior Alpha Gamma Rho member in good standing
  • Have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Pursuing an agricultural or food-related degree path
  • Have demonstrated leadership and agricultural involvement
  • Have demonstrated interest in agricultural or food policy
  • Provide and essay, 500 words or less on "Agvocacy" and their agricultural or food policy interests
  • Provide three letters of reference (one from institution, one from an AGR alumni, and one personal)

Further, the selected candidates who benefit from the Agricultural and Rural Policy Internship will be expected to do the following: 

  • Write a letter of appreciation for the internship/fellowship opportunity to the Fund Advisory Committee
  • Complete Foundations in Personal Finance - Chapter 5 - Family, Friends & Philanthropy on AGRconnect and submit a copy of their AGRconnect transcript
  • Attend and speak at the Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter luncheon for formal introduction and welcome by the area alumni
  • Assist Alpha Gamma Rho Home Office staff in an article for the SICKLE & SHEAF and other media channels
  • Provide a presentation of their experience to their respective Alpha Gamma Rho chapter
  • Attend Alpha Gamma Rho's Biennial National Convention and assist the Home Office Staff and the Convention Advisory Team in conducting a convention workshop
  • Serve a three year term on the Fund Advisory Committee


Other Awards Available Through the Educational Foundation

·  Marie Coe Housemother Memorial Awards: Appropriate awards and recognition are available to housemothers of Alpha Gamma Rho funded by the "Marie Coe Memorial (Housemother) Fund." The fraternity's award selection procedures are used to select the awards/recognition in three categories of achievement: management, cultural, length of service. The items of recognition, plus travel and lodging to the Leadership Seminars are funded through the "Marie Coe Memorial Fund." Deadline: April 30. Contact AGR Home Office for details or to submit a nomination.

·  FFA Scholarship: The Foundation grants one scholarship to an FFA member who currently is an undergraduate or plans to attend a four-year institution with an accredited college of agriculture. Applications can be made to the National FFA Foundation. Applications can be secured from the National FFA Foundation or through local FFA Advisers and have a deadline of March 1.

·  4-H Scholarship: The Foundation grants one scholarship to a 4-H member who will be enrolled in the freshman year at an accredited college or university and is planning to major in agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine or a closely related field. Applications can be secured from their 4-H leader and have a deadline of October 1.

·  Matching Funds: Each chapter is eligible for of matching funds from the Foundation to be matched with $500 from the chapter to be utilized for scholarships, incentives, tutors, library improvements or other educational needs as determined by the chapter and submitted in a proposal for approval by the Foundation Board. These can be ongoing, year-round efforts.


Ronald Wayne Hurt Memorial Scholarship - Delta Chapter (Purdue University)

Purpose of the Scholarship:  Provide support to undergraduate members of Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho who support the spirit and patriotism exemplified by Captain Ronald W. Hurt during his lifetime.


Scholarship Criteria:

1.   Achievement awards to Delta Chapter members who are in good standing and invloved in Fraternity activities. 

2.  Student who is successfully involved in Unviersity related activities and clubs.

3.  Student with a minimum GPA of 4.5/6.0 2.5/4.0 sytem, although first preference will be given to those who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

4.  Student who is a sophomore, junior, or senior at Purdue University or is direct descendant of Ronald Hurt's Family. 

5.  Student involved in the ROTC, has military experience, or has demonstrated patriotism and public service:

a.  Current member of Purdue ROTC unit, member of military reserve, or active military unit or

b.  Member of a family with prior United States military service by parents or grandparents or other family members or

c. Studen with strong opinions on national patriotism and public service as expressed in an essay required as part of the scholarship application

6. Student living in the Chapter House and actively participating in functions of fraternity operations. 

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