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  "My decision to join Alpha Gamma Rho was very non-traditional. When joining, I did not experience formal rush, accept a bid or have the opportunity to have a big brother. Through being initiated as one of the original 22 members of the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Colony of Alpha Gamma Rho, joining meant experiencing the start of a brotherhood.
  Joining Alpha Gamma Rho has made me a more disciplined student. Through juggling executive duties, academics, and other clubs and organizations, I have learned how to better prioritize my time.
  It's difficult to pin down the "best part" of fraternity life. Nonetheless, one of my favorite parts is the brotherhood formed between not only colony members but also other members of Alpha Gamma Rho across the nation…knowing there is a cohesive group of agricultural men dedicated to the same values and principle as me.
  Whether attending National AGR Convention in St. Louis, representing AGR at National Ag Day in Washington D.C., or presiding over chapter, AGR has allowed me to enhance leadership skills both locally and abroad. I am thankful for the impact it has and will have on my future. I addition, it helped me to realize potential in others to take the reigns of colony leadership roles."

-Cain Thurmond, ABAC Colony member



  "When I started college, I remembered stories from my dad, Kent Frerichs. He had a terrific experience as an AGR brother. He was one of the early members of the Alpha Phi Chapter. Growing up I was also involved with FFA, and each year I had a chance to visit the house during the State FFA Convention so I knew about the great opportunities.
  I was able to enjoy a "complete" college experience through Alpha Gamma Rho. A strong network for academic, social and professional experiences were at my fingertips. My brothers and I built confidence in one another as we navigated the higher education journey.
  For anyone interested in joining a fraternity, I firmly believe agriculture leaders are born and strengthened through Alpha Gamma Rho. I have benefitted tremendously from leadership development, management, team building and confidence in myself from my involvement.
  At 26 years old, I'm the fourth generation of my family to serve in the South Dakota House of Representatives. My network of "movers and shakers" in agriculture and public service is impacted by AGRs all over. These are quality people who support me, and I have the chance to work with them in various capacities."

-Jason Frerichs, Alpha Phi Chapter alumnus