Recruitment School Recruitment School

Purpose: To develop a new recruitment plan or enhance current programs in place to assure chapters are recruiting men of the highest potential.

AGR's Recruitment School will be facilitated by Phired-Up Productions. 

Schedule: Registration is open from 11:00AM - 12:00PM on Friday. Programing will begin promptly at 12:30PM. The Recruitment School will conclude on Saturday at 1:00PM. 

Where? Recruitment School is held at the Hilton Kansas City Airport. 8801 NW 112 street, Kansas City, MO 64153. Reservations will be made by the Home Office and attendees will be assigned rooms; There is no need to make reservations. 

Who should apply? Anyone involved in recruiting for the chapter and who wants to make a difference. Some of our most successful recruiting chapters utilize their alumni and/or Housemother/Director in the recruitment  process.

Receive training from top-notch recruitment professionals
    •  Receive personalized recruitment help
    •  Develop and/or improve written recruitment plan
    •  Develop methods of to attract members representing the breadth,sophistication, scope           and relevance of agriculture
    •  Exchange recruitment ideas with other chapters
    •  Emphasize year-round, pre-freshmen and summer recruitment
    •  Learn valuable lifelong selling skills



For more information, please contact Grant Bargfrede at 816-891-9200 ext. 120 or email him at [email protected]