Adviser Forum Adviser Forum

"Until I attended an Adviser Forum, I never fully understood what my job was within my chapter," are the thoughts of one of the many AGR Chapter Advisers from around the country.

As an Adviser, what is your job description? What sort of role should you play in the chapter? How do you deal with conflicts and problems among the undergraduates? If you want the answer to any or all of these questions, then the AGR National Adviser Forum is right up your alley.

Adviser Forums provide you with the skills and training needed to be the most effective Chapter Adviser you can be, which often times can be the key to a strong chapter. There will also be some down time available over the weekend, allowing you to converse with other advisers from around the country.

For more information about Adviser Forums contact Clark Futch at 816-891-9200 ex 115 or send an email to c[email protected].