Impact of Giving Impact of Giving


  "Receiving a scholarship has further reinforced my view of Alpha Gamma Rho as a fraternity that is doing all it can to help its members succeed.
  Even though I work during the school year and summer, without the availability of scholarships, my college education would not be possible. My parents don't have a lot of funds to contribute towards college, so I know earning wages and finding funding was very much up to me. I'm proud to be entering my senior year without any loans and will be graduating in June.
  While I certainly realize the huge impact knowledge gained from college classes will have on my life, I think the professional development and personal growth that occurs during your college years is even more important. Scholarships have enabled me to finish my degree, grow as a person, and now apply for law school where I want to focus and agricultural and natural resource law.
  Although I'm still in college, AGR has exposed me to the type of professional development that is needed for career success in a growingly competitive agricultural field. I hope more and more incoming college students will realize how awesome of network AGR is to join."

-Scholarship recipient Thomas Griffin, Alpha Beta Chapter undergraduate



  "Your generosity in supporting AGR has helped me with the sometimes overwhelming struggle of financing college. Affording education is a constant challenge, but thanks to your support, many other AGRs and I are able to pursue educational goals with fewer limitations.

  I hope to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can about the vast agriculture industry by applying myself and maintaining excellent grades. My goal is to carry this knowledge into the filed of law where I feel there is an enormous need for agriculture to be accurately represented in the justice system. Farmers are a growing minority, and because of this, they have to fight to be understood from a producer's viewpoint. My hope is that by becoming an agricultural attorney, I can provide impartial yet knowledgeable justice to the conflicts arising in today's agricultural industries.
  Through receiving my scholarship, I believe I have come a step or several steps closer to achieving my educational and career goals. Thank you for supporting me and contributing to the success of AGR over past years and into the future."

-Scholarship recipient Colin Hurd, Eta Chapter undergraduate



  "I am extremely thankful to have received a scholarship as the school year begins. I truly appreciate that this opportunity has been provided. Being a recipient of this scholarship has allowed me to continue earning an outstanding education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  Thanks again for supporting my education as I prepare myself for a career in agriculture."

-Scholarship recipient Curtis Horsens, Iota Chapter undergraduate