Heritage Club Recognition

The Heritage Club honors brothers and friends of Alpha Gamma Rho who leave a legacy To Make Better Men through planned gifts to the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho by bequests or specific gifts of $10,000 or more. If you have included the Educational Foundation in your estate plans, please notify the Home Office. Alpha Gamma Rho can thank you for your generosity and recognize your legacy as a member of the Heritage Club.


Heritage Club Members

Alpha Chapter, University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign

• Steven H. Gerdes
• James E. Ross
• James L. Zumwalt

Beta Chapter, Ohio State University

• Alfred W. Fobes
• Kirby Barrick

Gamma Chapter, Pennsylvania State University

• Richard S. Carpenter
• Ronald Dinus

Delta Chapter, Purdue University

• Michael A. Jackson
• Ted A. Priebe
• Gene L. Swackhamer

Epsilon Chapter, North Dakota State University

• Jack Brown
• Dale R. Carpentier
• Allan R. Johnson

Zeta Chapter, Cornell University

• Gregory I. Wickham

Eta Chapter, Iowa State University

• Frederic R. Bahrenburg
• Michael J. Borel
• Gary R. Butson
• Bret R. Carter
• Scott D. Flynn
• Steven M. Hanson
• Tim Heiller
• David W. Van Wert
• Robert C. Vasko
• Arlen L. Wonderlich

Theta Chapter, University of Missouri

• Zane V. Akins
• Lynn A. Fahrmeier
• Lowell F. Mohler
• Lowell D. Newsom
• Daniel L. Prosser
• Bradley K. Starbuck

Iota Chapter, University of Wisconsin–Madison

• James V. Zarndt

Kappa Chapter, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

• William C. Schilling
• Charles E. Trauger

Lambda Chapter, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

• Adam E. Manwarren

Nu Chapter, North Carolina State University

• Tyler B. Warre

Omicron Chapter, University of Kentucky

• David W. Case
• Glenn A. Stith

Pi Chapter, Oklahoma State University

• James O. Ferrell
• Scott W. Sewell

Sigma Chapter, Washington State University

• Doyle W. Jacklin

Tau Chapter, Michigan State University

• John R. Welser

Phi Chapter, University of California–Davis

• John E. Kidd
• Jeremy R. Turner

Chi Chapter, California Polytechnic State University

• Ralph E. Grossi
• Ole M. Meland

Alpha Beta Chapter, Oregon State University

• Vincent T. McElligott

Alpha Delta Chapter, Montana State University

• James L. Driscoll

Alpha Zeta Chapter, Kansas State University

• Justin Hagedorn
• Edwin R. Kerley
• Loren J. Kruse
• Warren D. Nichols
• John A. Niemann
• Tim E. Rosenhagen
• Curtis L. Steenbock
• Douglas C. Weyer

Alpha Eta Chapter, University of Georgia

• Dennis Clarke

Alpha Theta Chapter, University of Maryland–College Park

• Paul S. Weller

Alpha Iota Chapter, University of Arkansas

• Rex A. Martin

Alpha Kappa Chapter, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

• Thomas R. White

Alpha Lambda Chapter, New Mexico State University

• Paul Gutierrez

Alpha Xi Chapter, Arizona State University

• Craig Anderson

Alpha Pi Chapter, University of Arizona

• Len J. Richardson

Alpha Rho Chapter, University of Vermont

• Erwin C. Clark
• Laurence C. Jost
• Donald J. McFeeters

Alpha Tau Chapter, Western Illinois University

• Jeffrey L. Warner

Alpha Psi Chapter, University of Wisconsin–River Falls

• William T. Boehm
• Philip Josephson
• Harland G. Schneider

Beta Delta Chapter, Illinois State University

• Donald J. Bumphrey

Beta Eta Chapter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

• Jay S. Poole

Beta Tau Chapter, Mississippi State University

• Bradley A. Garrison

Friends of AGR

• Thomas R. Gates
• Carol A. Johnson


If you have questions regarding the Heritage Club, contact:

Carol Johnson, Ed.D.
Chief Development Officer
[email protected]
816.891.9200, ext. 121

April Hailey
Development Coordinator
[email protected]
816.891.9200, ext. 110

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