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What is the history of Alpha Gamma Rho?

Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 at Ohio State University, and has since expanded to almost 70 campuses nationwide. AGR has historically been strictly an agricultural fraternity, but we have since expanded our membership to those people pursuing careers in agriculture, food and fiber, natural resources, life sciences and related fields.


What are the principles that Alpha Gamma Rho brothers are expected to live by?

Upon being initiated into AGR, each member is required to sign the "Covenant," which you can access by clicking here. The Covenant pretty much speaks for itself in showing the high standards to which we hold our members.


What kind of educational opportunities does AGR provide?

There are countless opportunities to be involved in leadership opportunities, both within the chapter and on campus. Also, by being part of a national organization, each chapter is required to attend yearly Leadership Seminars, as well as bi-annual National Conventions where they will be trained by professional staff in the areas of leadership and professional development, among others.

During our yearly Recruitment School we demonstrate how to seek out the best brothers.

Check out the our annual Leadership Seminars. Attendees can also sign up for Recruitment Academy!

We also have a biennial National Convention.

These are just a few of the opportunities provided to our members to grow, learn, and to become better men!


Who is eligibile to join? AGR's eligibility statement:

All men pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in agriculture, food, fiber, life sciences, natural resources, forestry, environmental or related agricultural fields, as well as men intending to pursue a career in these fields, are eligible for membership.


What are the costs involved?

Each chapter has a different fees/dues system, but most of our chapters and their housing opportunities are very competitive compared to the alternatives, and often times are lower. Ask the local chapter leadership to provide you with a breakdown of total cost, and you will find that it is very reasonable, and an excellent long-term investment.


What about pledging or hazing?

AGR is very proud to be one of the very first fraternities to completely outlaw hazing and pledging. That's right—in AGR there is no pledging, so each member joins, right away, with the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else in the chapter. The AGR Brotherhood Program, implemented in 1992, outlines 4 parameters:

  1. No more pledging

  2. If it's required of a freshman, it's required of a senior

  3. No more dominant subservient relationships

  4. Rewards should be based on subjective criteria



How will this help my son's future?

Because of AGR's ties to the Agricultural, Food, Fiber and Life Sciences fields, the potential to network and gain contacts is immense. There are AGR alumni scattered throughout the professional world, and having an affiliation with AGR can really help give your son that edge he needs to get ahead.