Day of Giving

Inaugural Day of Giving

We are proud to launch Alpha Gamma Rho's Inaugural Day of Giving, coinciding with the celebration of Founders’ Day on April 4th. The event will be 1904 minutes in length extending from 2pm CST on April 3rd to 10pm CST April 4th.  This historic celebration marks a significant milestone in AGR's commitment to fostering the next generation of agricultural leaders while honoring our rich legacy. 

The Day of Giving presents an opportunity for members, alumni, friends, and supporters of Alpha Gamma Rho to come together and make a collective impact on the future of agriculture. Contributions made will support various initiatives aimed at advancing brotherhood, promoting leadership development, and empowering chapters through local chapter excellence. 

"We invite everyone – members, alumni, partners, and supporters – to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Together, we can ensure that Alpha Gamma Rho continues to be a beacon of excellence in agriculture for generations to come." 

Rex Martin, Alpha Iota - University of Arkansas,

Join the Chapter Challenge

The chapter challenge for the Day of Giving revolves around each chapter's spirited competition to raise the highest amount of funds within our designated time frame. This friendly challenge not only fosters a sense of unity and enthusiasm among our members but also plays a pivotal role in collectively advancing the goals of the Fraternity by channeling resources towards scholarships and educational initiatives. 

  • 1st Prize: National Convention collegiate registration and flight to/from Sacramento for 2 additional collegiate members 
  • 2nd Prize: National Convention collegiate registration and flight to/from Sacramento for 1 additional collegiate member 
  • 3rd Prize: Flight to National Convention in Sacramento for 1 additional collegiate member 

Day of Giving Ambassadors

The role a Day of Giving Ambassador is simple but vital—spread the word! Share a special message via email, mail, phone calls and/or social media on April 3-4. Help us inspire AGR brothers to give in support of our Educational Foundation.

Celebrate and inspire your brothers to give. Be a positive influence throughout the day, sharing the importance and impact of Alpha Gamma Rho in our world. On social media, share how AGR makes a difference in your life and the lives of others! We are brothers for life, and that’s something to celebrate!

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