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August 29, 2023 | Posted In Newsroom

   A record-setting five brothers, the most ever, make up the 2023-24 Educational Consultant Leadership Team. Get to know the background, goals, and priorities of the brothers coming to a chapter near you.

Educational Leadership Consultant
Beta Chi Chapter, Stephen F Austin State University

Degree: B.S., Animal Science

AGR Experience: Noble Ruler '18; VNR Activities '18; VNR Recruitment '18; VNR Membership Development '19; VNR Scholarship '19; Noble Ruler '20; Educational Leadership Consultant '22

Reason in the Role: Make a broader impact and broaden horizons.

Favorite Tradition: "Battle of the Paddle," 7-on-7, Gamma Epsilon (Sam Houston) vs. Beta Chi (Stephen F Austin)

Kiowa Davis, Beta Chi (Stephen F Austin)
Kiowa Davis, Beta Chi (Stephen F Austin)
  • Pi (Oklahoma State)
  • Rho (Colorado State)
  • Sigma (Washington State)
  • Alpha Iota (Arkansas)
  • Alpha Lambda (New Mexico State)
  • Alpha Pi (Arizona)
  • Beta Lambda (A&M-Commerce)
  • Beta Nu (Texas A&M)
  • Beta Xi (Texas Tech)
  • Beta Omicron (Wyoming
  • Beta Sigma (Tarleton State)
  • Beta Phi (Idaho)
  • Beta Omega (Missouri State)
  • Gamma Gamma (Southern Arkansas)
Douglas Krenzer, Gamma Eta (SUNY-Cobleskill)
Douglas Krenzer, Gamma Eta (SUNY-Cobelskill)

Educational Leadership Consultant
Gamma Eta Chapter, State University of New York–Cobleskill

Degree: B.T., Agricultural Business Management

AGR Experience: VNR Scholarship '21; Noble Ruler '22

Reason in the Role: Networking opportunities and to build on collegiate experience

Favorite Tradition: Fall Shootout

  • Zeta (Cornell)
  • Kappa (Nebraska)
  • Omicron (Kentucky)
  • Psi (Maine)
  • Omega (New Hampshire)
  • Alpha Zeta (Kansas State)
  • Alpha Nu (Connecticut)
  • Alpha Rho (Vermont)
  • Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky)
  • Alpha Omega (Murray State)
  • Beta Upsilon (Delaware)
  • Beta Psi (Delaware Valley)
  • Gamma Beta (Fort Hays)
  • Gamma Delta (ABAC)

Educational Leadership Consultant
Tau Chapter, Michigan State University

Degree: B.S., Agribusiness Management

Fraternity Experience: VNR Recruitment '19, Kitchen Steward '21;  VNR Activities '21; VNR Alumni Relations '22; Collegiate Advisory Council '22

Reason in the Role: Truly loves the Fraternity

Favorite Tradition: Lavaliering

Logan Leen, Tau (Michigan State)
Logan Leen, Tau (Michigan State)
  • Alpha (Illinois)
  • Beta (Ohio State) 
  • Gamma (Penn State)
  • Delta (Purdue)
  • Iota (Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Lambda (Minnesota)
  • Phi (UC-Davis)
  • Alpha Alpha (West Virginia)
  • Alpha Theta (Maryland)
  • Alpha Sigma (Fresno State)
  • Alpha Psi (Wisconsin-River Falls)
  • Beta Gamma (Wisconsin-Platteville)
  • Beta Kappa (Chico State)
Justin Nichols, Gamma Delta (ABAC)
Justin Nichols, Gamma Delta (ABAC)

Educational Leadership Consultant
Gamma Delta Chapter, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Degree: B.S., Agricultural Education; B.S., Agricultural Communication

Fraternity Experience: VNR Alumni Relations '21; VNR Activities '21; Collegiate Advisory Council '22

Reason in the Role: Inspired by Top Leaders Institute

Favorite Tradition: Paddle Making

  • Nu (NC State)
  • Xi (Auburn)
  • Alpha Gamma (Florida)
  • Alpha Epsilon (LSU)
  • Alpha Eta (Georgia)
  • Alpha Kappa (Tennessee)
  • Alpha Upsilon (Tennessee-Martin)
  • Beta Epsilon (Arkansas State)
  • Beta Eta (Virginia Tech)
  • Beta Theta (Middle Tennessee)
  • Beta Mu (Austin Peay)
  • Beta Pi (Louisiana Tech)
  • Beta Tau (Mississippi State)
  • Beta Chi (Stephen F Austin)
  • Gamma Alpha (Florida Southern)
  • Gamma Epsilon (Sam Houston)

Educational Programs Coordinator
Omicron Chapter, University of Kentucky

Degree:  B.A., Career & Technical Education

Fraternity Experience: VNR Scholarship '16; Noble Ruler '16; VNR Recruitment '18; Educational Leadership Consultant '21, '22; Educational Programs Coordinator '23

Reason in the Role: Enjoys seeing chapter develop, improve, and achieve goals

Favorite Tradition: Founder's Day

  CEO Brother Rex Martin promoted Brother Ben Willoughby this spring, following three years as an Educational Leadership Consultant. Read the story covering Brorher Willoughby first joining the Home Office Click Here. 

Ben Willoughby, Omicron (Kentucky
Ben Willoughby, Omicron (Kentucky)
  • Epsilon (North Dakota State)
  • Eta (Iowa State)
  • Theta (Missouri)
  • Tau (Michigan State)
  • Alpha Beta (Oregon State)
  • Alpha Delta (Montana State)
  • Alpha Tau (Western Illinois)
  • Alpha Phi (South Dakota State)
  • Beta Alpha (Southern Illinois)
  • Beta Gamma (Wisconsin-Platteville)
  • Beta Delta (Illinois State)
  • Beta Epsilon (Arkansas State)
  • Beta Eta (Virginia Tech)
  • Beta Theta (Middle Tennessee)
  • Beta Iota (Truman)
  • Beta Rho (Northwest Missouri)
  • Gamma Eta (SUNY–Cobleskill)

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