Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Receives the Laurel Wreath Award from NIC

June 21, 2024 | Posted In Newsroom
Glen Stith speaks to members of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at the Top Leaders Institutes.

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity is excited to announce that it has been recognized by the North American Interfraternity Conference for its work in launching the Top Leaders Institute and was named a recipient of the Laurel Wreath Award, which celebrates unique programs and initiatives that influence the fraternity community, and the greater world.

Top Leaders Institute, a key training initiative of Local Chapter Excellence, was launched nationwide at the beginning of 2024, after four years of planning and pilot programs. TLI is an opportunity for members to advance their leadership skills and strengthen their local chapters, thus cultivating the next generation of leaders in agriculture and the world.

“Alpha Gamma Rho’s goals for our brothers are for them to become stronger leaders so they can grow stronger chapters,” CEO, Rex Martin, said. “With a program like this, we have been able to provide engaging, world-class education to our brothers to create a broader and better agriculture.”

Every year, NIC presents Awards of Distinction to individuals and groups of the Greek community to recognize fraternal excellence in leadership, service and fraternal values. This is the first time Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity has received the Laurel Wreath Award from the NIC.

Some of the topics this year’s TLI focused on were personal leadership development, Officer training and leadership team development, along with working with alumni, Chapter Advisers, and Housemothers and House Directors. Brothers got to network and learn from chapters across the nation, building strategies that result in Local Chapter Excellence.

The vast majority of chapters attended one of the eight Top Leaders Institutes between January 12 and February 3.

“Our Officers left Top Leaders Institute equipped with a variety of tools to be successful in their roles and invigorated to apply what they learned in their chapters,” Director of Leadership and Education, Amanda Horvat, Ph.D., said.

"Our Officers left Top Leaders Institute equipped with a variety of tools to be successful in their roles and invigorated to apply what they learned in their chapters,"

Amanda Horvat, Ph.D.,
Director of Leadership and Education

She also said as the National Fraternity continues to grow the Institute, their hope is to foster innovative leadership skills that drive sustainable growth and positive change within their chapters. Additionally, they envision expanding their global reach within the field of agriculture, creating a diverse network of visionary leaders committed To Making Better Men.

AGR’s Purpose is fulfilled by surrounding its members with influences to encourage individual endeavor, resourcefulness and aggressive effort along the lines of making for the development of better mental, social, moral and physical qualities. The TLI is just one way AGR has worked to make these goals a true impact on its membership.

Alpha Gamma Rho will note this achievement at the 2024 National Convention in Sacramento, California.

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