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Most chapters have a housemother, a "first lady" that is the very center of their college home. She generally becomes close to every brother of the Chapter and is respected not only by the undergraduates but by the alumni, parents, University and community as well.

This dedicated woman has many responsibilities to the Chapter, the adviser and alumni. She can provide real charm as a hostess and guidance that is much appreciated. An individual will certainly want to be able to talk with her as a counselor. She can be of invaluable aid as manager of the commissary department and as one who will work with the house manager, steward and/or cook. Your "mother away from home" can truly make your Chapter house a comfortable home to spend your college days. As the lady of that home she deserves all respect and courtesy.

The Chapter houseparent is encouraged to have a guiding and supporting role in the Chapter. They are encouraged to educate the members on etiquette and manners for all situations. They are encouraged to assist the Chapter in meal purchasing and planning. They are encouraged to provide counseling to all members. They are encouraged to be the communicator between the Chapter and its associates, i.e., Home Office, adviser, university and community officials.

For more information about housemothers and directors please contact the Home Office at 816-891-9200 or send an email to [email protected].


  1. Hostess – planning and preparing for guests; greeting, social amenities, entertaining, impressions, departing
  2. Chaperon – what activities and programs should you attend; how long; informal activities; when women are present; university functions
  3. Educator – teaching values of gentleman-like conduct, values of cooperation; etiquette, teaching outsiders
  4. Steward – purchase supervisor; meal planner working with the chapter's steward; table planning
  5. Consultant – personal consultant for brothers and prospects; consultant on chapter programs; consultant for adviser, alumni
  6. Communicator – intra-chapter communications, between chapter and university and community; between adviser, alumni and brothers; with parents

Fraternity Policies

  1. Policy on Houseparent
  2. Risk Management Policy
  3. Hazing
  4. Chapter Visits
  5. Alcohol Abuse
  6. Drugs
  7. Social Programs
  8. National Constitution & Statutes
  9. Chapter Constitution & By Laws
  10. House Rules
  11. Eligibility
  12. Standards for Officers
  13. Scholarship
  14. Expulsion, Resignation and Reinstatement
  15. Probation
  16. Budgets/Financial Reports


  1. Communications with Noble Ruler, Adviser and Alumni Goals
  2. Education with New Members – Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  3. Writing Column for Crescent/Newsletters
  4. Writing to Parents of Prospective New Members (Very Important!)
  5. Participation in Long-Range Planning
  6. Writing to Parents of Brothers and New Members
  7. Keeping Confidences Divulged to You (From the Brothers or the Chapter)
  8. Weekly Meetings with Noble Ruler and Adviser after Chapter Meetings
  9. What Do You Expect from the Chapter?
  10. Improving Social Program - Planning for Social Functions
  11. Planning Alumni Events
  12. Public Memo Pad, "Thought for the Day"
  13. Chapter Calendar
  14. Private Meetings in Your Quarters
  15. Periodic Brainstorm Sessions with Officers
  16. Relationship with Adviser/Alumni
  17. Learning to Know Brothers
  18. Saving Money in Food Purchases
  19. Relations with Neighbors
  20. Attitude Between Brothers
  21. Suggesting Without Nominating (Turning Them Off)
  22. Are We Taken Seriously?

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