Housemothers and House Directors


The Housemother/House Director is encouraged to provide a guiding and supportive role in the Chapter. She/He is encouraged to educate the members on social conduct and professionalism for all situations, to assist the Chapter in meal planning and purchasing, to provide support and counseling to all members, to assist Chapter officers as needed, and to act as communicator between the Chapter and its associates (the National Fraternity, Chapter Advisers, university and community officials).

Full responsibilities of the Housemother/House Director can be found in AGRconnect Toolboxes. 

“I treat them as they were my own kids, but I don't do any of the correcting. I just include them in my family. My favorite thing to do is bring in treats into the rooms where they’re studying if they’re doing all-nighters or whatever. I bring in anything to encourage then to continue with their grades” 

-Cindra Brandl, Housemother at Kappa Chapter (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

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