Giving Back: Alumni Stories Giving Back: Alumni Stories

  'I give to Alpha Gamma Rho to help assure that the benefits I received as an undergraduate continue to be available to future college age men who qualify and desire to take advantage of the personal and professional improvement AGR offers.
  As an undergraduate I'm not sure I recognized the impact volunteers and donors had on the Fraternity as a whole. At that time I suppose I was somewhat oblivious to the fact others were doing it, other than those alumni who returned to offer guidance and support. Their time was valuable to me, and to know that they remained committed and valued their experience with AGR stuck with me. Thinking back, I realize that the financial support from alumni that provided for the living facilities was of tremendous benefit.
  Being a member of AGR prepared me for a more successful professional career, gave me greater confidence, provided industry and personal contacts and support that I am certain I would not have enjoyed otherwise, and opened doors that I believe otherwise would not have been opened. I think of giving back as just a token of my appreciation to an organization that has given me so much over the years."

-Donor and volunteer Zane Akins, Theta Chapter alumnus



  "I give to AGR to give back and, hopefully, enable many more young men to have the experience I have benefitted from. When you hear as a young man – AGR is for life – you have no real idea of the meaning of that. AGR is not only for life; it is life. It has shaped my professional life and provided me an extended family I could have only dreamed of.
  My early mentors were David Pfendler and Earl Butz. Those gentlemen, along with Verne Freeman, helped me maneuver the Purdue campus and gave me incredible professional career guidance. In fact, David Pfendler was responsible for Maynard Coe giving me my first job in the AGR Home Office.
  I have always tried to respond to assist chapters if asked. Most recently I was honored to play a small role in the planning of Delta Chapter's Celebration of 100 years on the Purdue campus.
  I choose to volunteer for Alpha Gamma Rho for a variety of reasons. AGR kept this farm kid from getting lost or going astray on a large campus and provided the framework to learn firsthand leadership skills that are still put to use so many years later. I am not sure I was really sold on a future in ag business until my AGR experience and the introductions to so many impressive alumni. From my first job until my latest new professional adventure at age 65, AGRs are working beside me and helped open the door to another opportunity."

-Donor and volunteer Ted Priebe, Delta Chapter alumnus



  "I choose to give to AGR because I know the need is great, I know my donations will be used effectively and efficiently, and I know that unlike other charities and educational institutions, there is not a huge base of donors and potential donors to provide the necessary support.
  During my days as an undergraduate, I was very fortunate to know very well and associate directly and frequently with Sleeter Bull, Paul Bresee and Nathan Rice. The examples they set in volunteer service and financial support have guided me and served me very well.
  Throughout my career I have encountered so many brothers, both socially and professionally. Working with them I have grown just as I did as a collegiate member. One example is working with Emil Mrak on the Constitution Division Committee and then being invited by him to a week of camp at the Bohemian Grove with the likes of Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite and many other notable people."

-Donor and volunteer Gene Lemon, Alpha Chapter alumnus