Home Office Staff
Name Position Email Phone
Rex Martin Chief Executive Officer [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 118
Dr. Carol Johnson Chief Development Officer [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 121
Grant Bargfrede Senior Director of Operations [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 120
Judy Schmuecker Director of Finance [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 113
Dr. Amanda Horvat Director of Leadership and Education [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 124
Becky Haley Office Manager [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 117
April Hailey Administrative Coordinator- Development [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 110
Anita Leone Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 112
Ben Willoughby Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 119
Kiowa Davis Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 112
Corbin Hoffman Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 115
Michelle Lynn Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 114
Board of Directors
Name Position Email Phone
Doug Griffin Grand President
Greg Nickerson Vice Grand President
Gary Clark Financial Vice President
Greg Webb Director
Paul Wenger Director
Jay Vroom Director
Housing Resources Trust Board
Name Position Email Phone
Jay Vroom Trustee
Bob Broeckelman Chairman
Keith Heikes Vice Chairman
Doug Griffin Trustee
Greg Webb Trustee
Educational Foundation
Name Position Email Phone
Donald De Jong Director
Robert Earnest Director
Brian Field Director
Al Johnson Director
John Noble Director
Jerry Steiner Director
Michael Way Director
Glenn Stith Chairman
Jim Borel Vice Chairman
Bill Boehm Director
John Cottingham Director
Name Position Email Phone
Mike Kawleski Convention Advisory Team Chairman
Tim Hammerich Leadership Seminar Coordinator
David Oswalt Fraternity Treasurer
Thad Kuhfuss Legal Counsel
Tim Heiller Adviser Forum Coordinator
Al Johnson Nominating Committee Chairman
Ron Brohammer Foundation Treasurer
Matt Olson Sickle & Sheaf Assistant Editor
Don Calhoun Foundation Treasurer
Zane Akins Chapter Strategic Planning Coordinator
John Tarpley General Counsel
Kirby Barrick Hall of Fame Chairman
Loren Kruse Historian
Cindra Brandl Housemother/House Director Coordinator
Bill Boehm Foundation Investment Committee Chairman
Randy Marten Insurance Committee Chairman

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