Home Office Staff
Name Position Email Phone
Rex Martin Chief Executive Officer [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 118
Grant Bargfrede Senior Director of Operations [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 120
Carol Johnson Chief Development Officer [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 121
Becky Haley Executive Assistant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 117
Judy Schmuecker Director of Finance [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 113
Dr. Amanda Horvat Director of Leadership and Education [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 124
Madeline Mapes Communications Manager [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 111
Tyler DuBry Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 115
Zach Ayers Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 116
Ben Willoughby Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 119
Evan Bedard Educational Leadership Consultant [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 125
Noel Henke Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 114
Sharon Thomas Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 112
April Hailey Administrative Coordinator- Development [email protected] 816-891-9200 ext. 110
Regional Vice Presidents
Name Position Email Phone
Adam Manwarren Northeast Region [email protected]
Michael Estadt Mid-Atlantic Region [email protected]
Garrett Hawkins South Central Region [email protected]
Michael Freeman Southeast Region [email protected]
Tracey Binkley Mid-East Region [email protected]
David Maurer Central Region [email protected]
Dan Johnson North Central Region [email protected]
Todd Johnson West Central Region [email protected]
Cody Lane Southwest Region [email protected]
Rich Engel Pacific Region [email protected]
Glenn Poxleitner Northwest Region [email protected]
National Board
Name Position Email Phone
Doug Griffin Grand President [email protected]
Greg Nickerson Vice Grand President [email protected]
Gary Clark Financial Vice President [email protected]
Greg Webb Director [email protected]
Jay Vroom Director [email protected]
Paul Wenger Director [email protected]
Housing Resources Trust Board
Name Position Email Phone
Bob Broeckelman Chairman [email protected]
Keith Heikes Vice Chairman [email protected]
Doug Griffin Trustee [email protected]
Greg Webb Trustee [email protected]
Educational Foundation
Name Position Email Phone
Glenn Stith Chairman [email protected]
Jim Borel Vice Chairman [email protected]
Bill Boehm Director [email protected]
John Cottingham Director [email protected]
Donald De Jong Director [email protected]
Robert Earnest Director [email protected]
Al Johnson Director [email protected]
John Noble Director [email protected]
Jerry Steiner Director [email protected]
Michael Way Director [email protected]
Name Position Email Phone
Tim Heiller Adviser Forum Coordinator [email protected]
Zane Akins Chapter Strategic Planning Coordinator [email protected]
Mike Kawleski Convention Advisory Team Chairman [email protected]
John Tarpley General Counsel [email protected]
Kirby Barrick Hall of Fame Chairman [email protected]
Loren Kruse Historian [email protected]
Cindra Brandl Housemother/House Director Coordinator [email protected]
Bill Boehm Investment Committee Chairman [email protected]
Tim Hammerich Leadership Seminar Coordinator [email protected]
W. Thad Kuhfuss Legal Counsel [email protected]
Al Johnson Nominating Committee Chairman [email protected]
Matt Olson Sickle&Sheaf Assistant Editor [email protected]
Don Calhoun Foundation Associate Treasurer [email protected]

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