Appointments Appointments


L. Gene Lemon
National Adviser [email protected]

W. Thad Kuhfuss
Legal Counsel [email protected]

Randy Marten
Insurance Chairman [email protected]

Don Calhoun
AGRconnect Coordinator [email protected]

Tim Heiller
Adviser Forum Coordinator [email protected]

John Tarpley
Leadership Seminar Coordinator [email protected]

Charlie Napier
Technology Coordinator [email protected]

Peter Tomlinson
Technology Support [email protected]

Kay Lynn Kalkowski
Housemother-Director Coordinator [email protected]

Bill Boehm
Investment Committee Chairman [email protected]

Gene Swackhamer
Hall of Fame Chairman [email protected]

Al Johnson
Nominating Committee Chairman [email protected]

Ted Priebe
Communications Consultant [email protected]

David Korbelik
SICKLE & SHEAF Editor [email protected]

Erwin C. Clark
Treasurer [email protected]

Zane Akins
Strategic Planning Coordinator [email protected]    

Reid McLellan
Convention Advisory Team Chairman [email protected]

Ken Isley
General Counsel [email protected]


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Nominating Procedures

Please click here to view Alpha Gamma Rho's Nominating Procedures.