Summer Internship Summer Internship

Type and Term of Position:

Summer Position

Basic Functions:

You will be expected through hard work, dedication and persistence to recruit a large group of men with the highest potential by completing the following tasks:

  • Work with the alumni and advisers of the chapter you are assisting to develop a complete year-round recruitment plan that emphasizes pre-freshman and summer recruitment
  • Build up a large names list
  • Assist chapter in sending letters and scholarship applications to all males studying any field representing the breath, sophistication, scope and relevance of agriculture
  • Organize summer recruitment events for recruits
  • Work with the university, alumni and undergraduates to identify top prospects
  • Immediately upon arrival set up and visit a large amount of students in their home over the course of the summer


  • Recruit a significant amount of members of the highest potential that will allow the chapter to become successful
  • Work throughout the week, and on weekends when necessary
  • Keep in constant communication with local advisers, alumni and university officials
  • Keep in constant communication with the AGR senior staff member

Length of Employment:

As soon as your spring semester/term ends until you return to school in the fall, however, the beginning and ending dates of employment are negotiable.


Learn more about AGR and the Home Office, travel to a different chapter and the satisfaction of knowing you helped rebuild a strong chapter. 


Reports to the Director of Recruitment.  Expected to maintain a strong working relationship with all office staff and appropriate volunteers.


Home Office
10101 N Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, Missouri  64153
Phone: 816-891-9401
Fax: 816-891-9401
[email protected]