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Alumni Corp/Board Positions

Interested in learning more about how Alumni Corporations work? Click here to gain a better understanding of the essentials of how the corporation is run, member and meeting expectations, officer qualifications, elections and more.

Become a Local CRO (Chief Recruitment Officer)

Calling all alumni with sales and marketing experience! In an effort to boost the recruitment efforts of all local chapters, Alpha Gamma Rho is trying to establish a Local CRO at each chapter to work directly with the VNR Recruitment and supervise all recruitment activity. To get a better idea of exactly what we're looking for, take a look at the Local CRO job description.

Chapter Strategic Planning Info

Strategic planning is simply the activity through which we as a Fraternity can better prepare ourselves for the future. Many of the daily decisions and actions taken by chapters, Alumni Corporations, Fraternity leaders and others have consequences which will be realized only in the future, so in some sense all such activities involve preparation for the future.

Strategic planning involves our most basic and important choices – specifically, the choice of our mission, objectives, strategy, policies, programs, goals and strategic resource allocations. These basic strategic choices, taken together, will largely determine our direction and success as a Fraternity in the future.

What you need to know and do:

Determine a date and two options for your planning session. Suggestions: Friday evening through Saturday; Saturday through noon on Sunday or weekdays noon to noon.

  1. Contact Becky Haley at the Home Office to schedule the dates for your planning session. You may reach her by phone at 816-891-9200, ext. 17 or via email at [email protected].

  2. Identify an equal number of undergraduate leaders and alumni representatives (minimum of five each, with no maximum).

  3. Locate a meeting space other than the chapter house for the meeting. The Home Office will send a list of audio/video requirements for the chapter and/or alumni to provide.

  4. The Home Office will arrange for the facilitator's transportation. Chapter and/or alumni board will provide room/board and local transportation.

  5. The cost for meals and meeting expenses, if any, should be covered by the chapter and/or alumni board.

For more information, please consult our Chapter Strategic Planning Guide.

Job opportunities and networking

Regardless of where you live, it never hurts to get connected with other members of our organization. Join our group on LinkedIn, and you'll be joining nearly 1,000 other who have similar interests and backgrounds. Here, you can discuss upcoming events, job opportunities or anything else that may pique your interest.

For a list of job opportunities available from our sponsors, click here.


Whether you've attended every event since your undergraduate days or if you're interesting in attending your first, the National Fraternity hosts many events throughout the year. Click here to see a full list of upcoming events. For events and activities in your area, contact your local chapter.

Looking for a chapter near you?

Have you recently relocated? Or perhaps you're planning a trip out of town and are interested in visiting a chapter or two along the way. Whatever the case may be, take a look at our chapter list to see if there's a chapter near you. We always encourage our alumni to stop in and introduce yourself.

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