National Convention Destination

The Farm-to-Fork Capital of America! Sacramento, California

   The destination of Alpha Gamma Rho's 2024 National Convention is a vibrant city, buzzing with things to taste, see, and savor; making the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America the perfect place to cultivate your 2024 National Convention.

   Sacramento is the only star on the map of California, renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, booming economy, fantastic food, and an abundance of great weather. Since 1854, the city has served as the Capital of the Golden State, home to The California State Capitol Museum and an impressive array of other landmarks and must-see points of interest like Sutter's Fort and Tower Bridge.

Sacramento Afternoon Skyline and Riverfront

   Pick your pleasure and cultivate an unforgettable convention in one of the most historic cities in California, whether it is farm-fresh restaurants, world-renowned museums, plentiful farmers markets, home-grown breweries, or Gold Rush-era attractions in the historic Old Sacramento Waterfront. With so many things to do and places to visit, California's capital city has something for everyone to enjoy during the National Convention.       \

Visitors' Guide

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